Our approach

ETERNITY FAMILY OFFICE provides you with a personalized envelope of holistic, professional, and objective investment advisory to preserve the value of your assets and enhance them while ensuring peace of mind and financial well-being for you, according to your present and future needs.

"Every client is part of the family, the relationship is personal and characterized by full transparency. The familiarity is deep, which contributes to the precision in investments."

Ravit Lego
We have accumulated experience in managing 2 billion shekels
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Our minimum investment portfolio is one million dollars
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We have 22 years of deep expertise and experience in the financial market
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We have experience in advising over 500 investment portfolios

Our Services

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In-House Consulting

Control and supervision of external managers

One-time advisory

Consulting for Hi-Tech Companies and Startups

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Investment advisory for women

Kosher Investment Consulting

Our Vision

We outline our financial approach as follows:

We strive to create continuity, a learning experience, collaboration, and acquisition of tools that will accompany you in your daily life, while maintaining absolute confidentiality and full transparency. We thoroughly examine your current and future financial needs in order to preserve your existing wealth, enhance it, and maintain your current quality of life for the future.

20 years of experience

In managing and advising investments totaling billions of shekels in accounts both in Israel and worldwide.


We adhere to an open architecture approach, where there are no in- house products. We analyze all securities and construct well-thought-out and objective investment portfolios for your accounts in Israel and abroad. We do not receive any returns from external entities, ensuring full objectivity with only the client's best interests in mind.

Full transparency

According to the law, every action in the account is carried out with the client's approval and knowledge. Therefore, the client is always aware of what is happening in the account and the rationale behind each action. Transparency is paramount.


In the stock market, quick responsiveness is critical to success. We are here, available for every need, with our finger on the pulse. We continuously monitor portfolios and efficiently respond to market developments.


Our deep familiarity with our clients over the years is profound, and we believe that building a strong relationship with the client is the key to long-term success and customer satisfaction.


We operate under an investment advisory license, which is the most objective license provided by the Israeli Securities Authority, and we are closely monitored by it.

About Us

We believe that wealth management starts with Deep introspection, Understanding the customers, their needs, goals, and aspirations. At Eternity Family Office, every customer is part of our family, and the connection is personal and intimate. Our deep knowledge of each other leads to precise investments. Customer engagement is not taken for granted; it is built on strong trust that our customers have in me and my integrity over the past several decades. My unwavering loyalty to our customers always guides my decision-making, and they know that I am here for them every step of the way and at any given moment.
I would be delighted to provide each and every one of you with my services and open a new world of tailored investments for you and your family.

Best regards,
Ravit Lego


Ravit Lego, CEO and Founder

Brings over 22 years of experience in the financial market in senior positions

Customers Review


The Family Office service provides a comprehensive solution for all of the client's assets, both domestically and internationally, rather than focusing on only a portion of their assets. The holistic approach offers more precise wealth management tailored to the client's needs, along with personalized attention, custom portfolio construction, and escort by external legal and tax services throughout the service period, creating strong added value for the client.

The client undergoes an in-depth needs analysis and answers a questionnaire that assesses the appropriate risk level based on their desired investment horizon and goals, while considering their financial suitability. The decision on exposure to stocks, bonds, and/or alternative products is reached in collaboration with the client, ensuring they are competent to make such decisions.

Since each client is unique, we can construct an unlimited number of portfolio types according to their desires and needs. Portfolios can be in local currency or globally diversified.

With over 22 years of extensive experience in the capital market and investment management in domestic and international banks, we have the ability to choose from a wide range of securities. Specific stocks and bonds, mutual funds, basket certificates in Israel and abroad, as well as hedge funds and various investment products are available based on the appropriate risk level and liquidity for the client.

Our expertise in analyzing financial statements is a key factor in selecting the appropriate and suitable securities over time. Analyzing financial statements of relevant companies helps us choose specific stocks and corporate bonds. Being economists primarily enables us to analyze the macro market conditions and make informed decisions regarding various types of bonds, whether corporate or government bonds, indexed or fixed, and the relevant yield for the period.

As a regulated entity supervised by the Securities Authority, we conduct a thorough reassessment of the client's needs annually, ensuring that the portfolios are aligned accordingly. Additionally, regular quarterly meetings provide an opportunity for ongoing discussion and adjustments based on the client's preferences.

Currently, the minimum required investment is one million dollars (3 million NIS) in investable and liquid assets.

The investment advisory license is the most objective license granted by the Securities Authority. Investment advice is free from conflicts of interest and solely focused on the client's best interests, both in terms of fees and the selection of suitable securities for the investment portfolio. The advisory mandate allows for discussions and in-depth explanations to the client regarding each investment before execution, with the client's prior knowledge and approval. Transparency is paramount.

Eternity Family Office collaborates with a wide range of foreign banks in Switzerland, London, and the United States. We accompany the client throughout the process, ensuring reduced fees and preferred service.

We receive limited power of attorney for viewing purposes only and monitor the portfolios on a daily basis, providing continuous advice based on market developments. The portfolio is dynamic and adapted to the changing needs of the client.

Contact Us

We would be happy to accompany you step by step, while acquiring financial knowledge, financial planning, and budget control that lead to a stable, secure, and peaceful financial future.

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